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Application [Feb. 25th, 2005|08:46 pm]
Indie Snobs


[music |stellastarr+ - my coco]

Your name: Noëlle
Your location: DC
Your age: 20
Your height: 5'3
List 10 bands Radiohead, Electric Six, Add N to (X), Apples In Stereo, Son Ambulance, The Reindeer Section, Q and not U, Stands, New Roman Times, 89 Cubs,
5 movies: The Price of Milk, Strictly Ballroom, Mulholland Dr., Better Off Dead, Lost Highway
5 books: Tale of Two Cities, Atlas Shrugged, Story of a Bad Boy, Candide, Nearly Departed
What was the best show you'v eever been too? Radiohead in Libery State Park, August '01
What do you smoke? Marlboro menthols/cherry djariums (sp)
How much do you hate Bush? I don't; i LOVE him
What's the lamest thing you have ever seen someone wear non-ironicly? A hefty woman wearing skin tight jeans where the bottoms are tucked into their stiletto boots with a belly shirt and their stomach hanging out
What is "dollar day" to you? makes me think of Hundred Dollar Day
Tell us something neat about yourself: I used to be a model until I was 11, I got my last name from Pres. Zachary Taylor, I'm ambidextrous and my eyes are slightly different colors.
Post 3+ clear photographs of yourself as well.