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[Apr. 3rd, 2005|12:09 am]
Indie Snobs


[mood |drunkSlightly inebriated]
[music |Xiu Xiu]

Your name:Greg Irons
Your location:A Faux island In California
Your age:17
Your height:6"
List 10 bands: Bright Eyes, cLOUDDEAD, The Good Life, The Blood Brothers, Pavement, Why?, The Faint, The Velvet Underground, Rilo Kiley, Q and Not U.
5 movies:Igby Goes Down
High Fidelity
American Beauty
Eternal Sunshine
Almost Famous
5 books:Bukowski's Works, The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving, Kavalier And Clay by Michael Chabon, Ask The Dust by John Fante, and Survivour By Chuck Palahniuk
What was the best show you'v eever been too? Either Bright Eyes And Rilo Kiley in berkeley a few years back or seing Pavement at Coachella
What do you smoke? Occasionally Marijuana
How much do you hate Bush? Not NEarly As Much As I hate Hating Bush ( I do hate him though, enter paradoxiis)
What's the lamest thing you have ever seen someone wear non-ironicly? Plastic Rainboots, in the summer
What is "dollar day" to you? A day where i get to sleep with as many socilists as i can?
Tell us something neat about yourself: I Am An Expert Liar, and it took all i had not to lie on this....or did it?
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15, drunk, and in a dress
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On The Right